Pruning tends to be what most people think of when they think of caring for their trees or shrubs. Students of arboriculture are taught that trees require pruning to make and keep them healthy. Years of pruning experience and continuing education have shown us that this is not actually true. Unfortunately, many in the green industry still follow this practice, as well as more detrimental techniques, such as topping. We believe it’s important when pruning to understand that leaves are food factories and the more leaves a plant has the more food it can produce for itself. The more food it produces, the more energy it can allocate to defense and other important processes, such as root growth. Every pruning cut on live tissue is a wound and every wound is a possible entry point for infection, therefore, keeping cuts as small and few as possible while still achieving the objective, is very important. With that philosophy in mind, we provide pruning services for all woody plants in your landscape. If you have any questions or would like a pruning estimate, please call us today.


Clearance Pruning


1-30-06 (2)





Shrub Crown Reduction

Before & After


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